Knowledge Management

An introduction to Knowlegde Management in 3 minutes (watch movie).

To implement Knowledge Management Helidor uses Applied Concept Mapping.  Applied Concept Mapping is an approach to collect, anchor and connect knowledge, experiences and insights from both employees as well as processes.

Concept maps have found their way to corporate environments. Nonaka and Tackeuchi already pointed out the importance of documenting knowledge of subject matter experts within companies.

Strengths and values of organisations are strongly connected with their employees. To be able to retain ‘Human Capital’, share this with colleagues and pass it to new appointee’s is of high value. Applied Concept Mapping can also be used for internal audits in order to align processes and different departments. It provides insights in the (required) efficiency and communication of teams. It often brings inspiration, leading to more effective and new ways of working.

Helidor has executed Applied Concept Mapping for several organisations.